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Friendly darlings In parts of the UK, epithets such as ‘love’, ‘chuck’ and ‘duck’ are handed out liberally to everyone you meet, from best friends to bus drivers. When it comes to creative chat-up lines, English can be a useful resource too. All that popcorn patter is fine for the backseat of the cinema, but things become considerably more down to earth once we reach…Likewise, ‘sweetie’ and ‘hun’ are almost ubiquitous among some southern speakers of English (stereotypically those from upper-middle-class backgrounds), while ‘hen’ is used just as often as a friendly word for ‘darling’ as it is for a feathered animal one might find in a coop. Sleaze only becomes more sleazy with a choice pun, and English is designed for wordplay: ‘Do you have any raisins? Spouses and long-term relationship darlings After a few decades and several children, 103 words can seem far too many.The two men pecked out messages on opposite sides of the country. was a fantasy in 1776, now look at it,” the man in Virginia wrote in a Twitter direct message to an online friend in Oregon.“Yes the Islamic State was a fantasy in 2004, now look at it. The Virginian, who went by various Twitter handles, including one with “Jihadi” in it, had been obsessively watching slick online videos produced by the Islamic State, also known as ISIS: brutality and jihadist propaganda, much of it translated into English and other languages.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, let’s take a look at all the ins and outs of loves and darlings – the British English way. ’ Random stranger darlings Exclusively referring to someone’s appearance or physique is extremely forward and uncouth, and as such, this expression of ‘love’ (if you can call it that) should be reserved for the realms of chat-up lines, dingy clubs (where words are drowned out by music) and online dating forums (where everyone just looks at the pictures anyway). ’ Teenage darlings The words teenagers use for the object of their affections are best not dwelt upon too long, as they are without exception sugary to the point of metaphorical tooth decay – see the examples above.

A caveat: ‘Love’, ‘sweetie’ and the like are not regarded as traditionally ‘masculine’ – and while an adult male might call a child or a woman ‘love’, more ‘blokey’ terms are preferred. ‘Dear’ is the only real addition to the standard ‘darling’ that most couples will need, with perhaps a ‘love’ and a standard ‘darling’ thrown in here and there. The UK is the top destination worldwide for English language study, with courses for all ages and abilities.

Naturally, English has a whole host of terms for this too – pal, mate, chum, cocky, bro, dude… In English – especially UK English – there are many ways to explain to other people that you’ve developed ‘a bit of a crush’: to fancy someone; to kind of like someone; to like someone in that way… Come the 60-year anniversary, many British couples are content with a few grunts over the breakfast tea and toast. Find out more about learning English in the UK at Education UK.

“I’ll think about it.” Extremist groups have long used the Internet, and citizens have long left home to fight for their countries’ enemies.

But ISIS stands apart in the way it’s mastered online propaganda and recruitment. “The ISIS social-media campaign is a fundamental game changer in terms of mobilizing people to an extremist cause,” says Amarnath ­Amarasingam, a researcher at the University of Waterloo who is co-directing a study of Western fighters in Syria.